Technikum Informatyki Edukacji Innowacyjnej

IT Secondary School of Innovative Training in Łódź belongs to the group of “Schools of Innovative Education” operating in the whole country. The pupils are in age 15-20. The main aim of our school is to bring up young people who are self-confident, open to the world and other people, able to take on new challenges, as well as think creatively and in a non-standard way.

The profile of the school is strictly technical, with particular focus on IT, automation, programming and science. The staff of the school specialise in modern technologies. Workshops in coding or robotics are organised that teach students not only robot programming but also other skills (critical thinking, analytical thinking etc.). Our pupils have high level of computer literacy, good maths and science skills and the school implements teaching methods based on ICT.

The school organises workshops each week with the aim to enhance students‘ creative skills. Moreover, the school focus on practical education and most of the IT teachers are also IT specialists in companies. This is why the students choose our school, as it enables them to gain technical skills in the field of IT, but also to shape entrepreneurial and creative abilities. The internationalisation is also an important part of the school’s strategy. Our staff are open to international cooperation, exchange of experience with peer teachers from European countries and transferring best practices to our school. So, our school consortium has so far been involved in a lot of EU funded projects (LLP, ESF). We have a department responsible for coordination of all project activities and timely delivery of projects’ results. Currently, we are working in Erasmus+ “CODE in MATHS” project (2018-1-TR01-KA229-059796- 1).

The school cooperates with other school, universities in the region, public authorities, NGO’s, which permits wider dissemination of the project and impact of the produced results. We also cooperate with the University of Humanities and Economics in Lodz, Department of ICT and we make use of the University’s computer labs and on-line teaching platform The platform has been created in order to provide on-line courses and studies and has been functioning for the last 10 years. It supports blended learning as some part of educational process can be carried out on-line. The platform might be used for the proposed project as well.

We are very interested in participating in projects and initiatives, that enhance science/maths/IT/ technical skills of our pupils. Moreover, we focus on encouraging pupils to deal with challenges of the modern world. We believe that we can bring our technical skills to the project partnership, while we will benefit from experience of other partners in the field of social skills and support for students.

Technikum Informatyki Edukacji Innowacyjnej