Manisa Sosyal Bilimler Lisesi

Manisa Social Sciences High School is a general state high school with an extra year devoted exclusively to language learning and education projects. High school education in Turkey is normally 4 years but Manisa Social Sciences High School has a preparatory year which aims to teach English and French.

At present there are 33 staff and 318 students at Manisa Social Sciences High School. The school was founded in 2011 and it will see its first graduates leaving school in 2016.

The school is located in a region that is comparatively well off, but many students come from disadvantaged villages and stay at the school dormitory. Our students are successful students with poor possibilities.

The school's main focus is on Literature, Maths and Languages. This type of schools has been recently founded to educate those who will govern counties, provinces and the country in the future. Graduates are expected to take up university education in the domain of international relations, public administration and political sciences, in order to become future governors or policy makers.

Therefore the school has been founded according to European Union norms. It aims to give good education about good citizenship, it educates individuals to have a broad perspective, with national as well as universal values, to have the ability to analyse individual as well as social needs and to reach solutions through collaboration and communication, with linguistic competence in three languages, and with the project skills of an active citizen and a future policy maker. The school offers great opportunities for civic education from different perspectives.

To realise these aims, it organises many learning activities with a European format such as a European youth parliament, youth councils, forums, debates, etc. at high school levels within the national context.

Even though the school is only a five-year-old, the most favourable feature of the school is its open-minded and motivated school staff who want to equip the students with new knowledge and skills and who want to expose their learners to experiences in both national and international projects.

All students learn at least two foreign languages and can prepare, participate in and contribute to (international) projects.

Manisa was a famous place of the Ottoman Empire. The Sultans of the Ottoman Empire had their first education in Manisa when they were very young. The city is surrounded with famous historical and cultural places. It is very close to ─░zmir which is one of the biggest cities of Turkey. Manisa is also very close to Efesus, Sardes which attracts many tourists. Manisa is developing rapidly and it is known as the city of opportunities.


Ilknur Aktas Ilknur Aktas is the contact person of the coordinating team from Manisa Social Sciences High School. She has been teaching English there for 8 years. She enjoys and believes in supporting the personal development of her students through extracurricular activities.
Sinem Pekonur Sinem Pekonur is the co-manager of the coordinating team from Manisa Social Sciences High School. She has been teaching Biology there for 8 years. She runs the health and science club at school. She organizes the club activities and leads Tubitak projects.
Manisa Sosyal Bilimler Lisesi