ATiT is an audiovisual and information technologies company specialising in the integration of ICT in the educational and cultural sectors. Based in Belgium where it is registered as a company (bvba) since 1999, ATiT operates with a small full-time staff and a network of associates in different parts of Europe. The main focus of ATiT's work lies in the effective integration of ICT tools and services including social media in the education and training sectors and ATiT staff offer project management, technology integration and consultancy services to a variety of clients, partners, companies and agencies in Belgium as well as around the world including the European Commission and the World Bank.

The ATiT team provide training programmes whereby potential users of technology for pedagogical purposes have successfully made the transition to a technology-supported environment with a specific focus on video and social media. ATiT staff also regularly act as independent evaluation experts for ICT-based education projects and provide a range of dissemination services from dissemination planning through to delivery of online and offline dissemination support including website design, video production and event management.

ATiT was instrumental in launching the annual MEDEA Awards and hosts the secretariat for this awards scheme now in its 8th year. The ATiT team are also managing the annual Media & Learning Conference run jointly with the Flemish Ministry of Education in Brussels as well as currently hosting the secretariat for the Media & Learning Association.


Mathy Vanbuel With a background in audio-visual production, Mathy Vanbuel worked for the audio-visual service of the Catholic University of Leuven for more than 15 years as director and production manager. Since 1998, Mathy is co-director of ATiT. He is regularly called upon to offer consultancy services in the design and integration of specific ICT tools and multimedia services in the education process. Clients include the European Commission, European Schools network, the European Space Agency, The World Bank, Fortis Bank, ESHRE, etc. Until 2012 Mathy was also lecturer eLearning Design and MultiMedia Management at the Interfaculty in Maastricht (NL). He is author of several publications on the use of media in education and of scenarios of use of media in education. Mathy is chairperson of the Judging Committee of the MEDEA Awards and Member of the Board of the MEDEA Association for Media and Learning.