Associação Novo Mun Do Azul

Novo Mundo (New World), was created in August 2013 as a Youth Group, and since April 2017 is legally established as an association. The mission of Novo Mundo is to promote European and active citizenship values among the youth from the city of Almada that is situated in the south part of the river Tagus in front of Lisbon. We also have active groups in other cities of Portugal like, Coimbra, Lisbon, Cascais, Óbidos, Leiria, Porto and Algarve.

Our name was inspired in the courage and ambition of the Portuguese navigators to reach and discover “new worlds” during the 15th and 16th centuries. The main objective is the empowerment of young’s in order to facilitate the acquisition of new skills and competences based on non-formal education and experiential learning, creating opportunities for young’s discover a new dimensions of interaction where it’s possible every person have the same opportunities to succeed in life being different and making the difference.

Having in mind the needs and preoccupations of the youth from our local communities, our group is actively involved in the creation and promotions of activities in several areas like: Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Development and Healthy Life Styles, Art’s, Culture and Technology, Intergenerational Dialogue, Sports and Outdoor Education, social exclusion and involvement of young people with fewer opportunities, promotion of local networks and valorisation of local patrimony and natural ecosystems.

We also provide information about national and international mobility opportunities, EVS, entrepreneurship, training and education, self-development, vocational orientation and career opportunities in order to share with other young's European values and also new development opportunities like the ones we already have experienced.

Associação Novo Mun Do Azul