Asociacija Tavo Europa

"Tavo Europa" is a non-governmental organization which works on the building of a civil society and establishing a rule of law in Lithuania.

Our NGO is to serve as a learning organization that gathers trainers, youth and social workers, youth policy makers, experts, and volunteers with different levels of competences to be actively involved in the creation of civic activities with European dimension and with benefits for their local communities. We teach youngsters how to run organization, do fund rising, manage project, coordinate communication with young people, include young people with fewer opportunities and plan within Erasmus+ and other fund.

We aim to provide tools and improve competences in order to create a stronger link between youth mobility experience and the further professional perspectives, through the use of non-formal methods which answer the needs of youth in line with the requirements of the labor market.

The objectives of the association:

  • To promote personal and professional development of young people;
  • To foster creativity among young people;
  • To promote member local administrations, offer counselling and information, organize micro regional, national and international meetings;
  • To involve people with fewer opportunities in international projects;
  • To support and promote local initiatives;
  • To support and promote youth involvement and voluntary work in the benefit of the communities;
  • To cooperate and fight against racism, discrimination and corruption.

An important objective is to promote actions and activities which will stimulate young people to develop a better life for them and their peers, raising awareness, help public institutions on specific issues regarding young people, developing partnerships on the field of Erasmus + and involving youth in rural life, promoting, supporting and rewarding youth.

Asociacija Tavo Europa