Turkish team reflects on the Fit to Belong project

Hello, we are the turkish team who joined the exeter mobility! Our names are Akif, Bigem, Damla, Elif, Gökçe and Rabia. We’ll be telling you about our experience in this mobility.

Participating in this mobility was an unforgettable chance for us. We got to see abroad for the first time in our lives and doing it with our close friends was just amazing. Thanks to this mobility we got the chance to do the things that we wouldn’t be able to do by ourselves all together, so it was easier and more educative. And not just our friends only but we also got to meet our peers from other countries. Thanks to the activities, we had the chance to talk to each other constantly and so, we learnt about other countries’ cultures. And by talking to each other, we all improved our language skills in a good level.

Being in this mobility earned us so many things and for that we thank our teachers, our school and everyone who involved in this project. Words can’t be enough to express our feelings completely.

Turkish team group photo

Turkish team in Exeter