Through the eyes of Ceylin Beray Çakıcı;

First of all,as you know our aim was reducing to loneliness between the teenagers.I think we achieved this to despite the linguistic and cultural differences with project of Fit to Belong.I am one of the students participating in the mobility too.I joined to mobility in Poland and also I became part of the hosting team in Türkiye with this project.I realised something about between the teenagers in this process.I can say that,no matter what country we’re from,no matter what our language is,when we feel lonely,we all actually feel experience the same feelings.And one of the important things about project of Fit to Belong;it helped us understand that the various activites we do reduce this feeling with mobilities in different countries and a lot of new people we met from different countries.

a group photo from the workshop in POland

From Poland😊

group photo, everyone wearing masks

When we preparing to presentation...

3 girls

From mobility in Türkiye😀<3

a group selfie