Students from MSBL created a short movie about Loneliness

During lockdown, the students of Manisa Social Sciences High School have created a short film about loneliness. The film shows students reciting poems about loneliness from Turkish Literature. They also act out the speaker of the poems in a relevant environment. As students could not come together during lockdown, each student filmed their own scene separately and these were later combined by the editors of the team.

While watching the film, the audience witnesses different types of loneliness and different attitudes towards it. The film aims to convey the idea that some loving attention from a caring friend is tan effective remedy for any experience of loneliness.

The students who were involved in the film-making process said they were very happy to be collaborating with their friends again, even remotely, and that the spirit of teamwork motivated them to be further involved in school activities and social activities with each other.

Watch the movie here in Turkish with English subtitles.


Movie "It Will Not Stay Dark"