MSBL, Manisa High School organises its Fit2Belong multiplier events

Manisa Social Sciences High School organised two multiplier events on 8 December 2022 and 12 December 2022. Their first multiplier event targeted the school administrators from 23 different high schools in the district of their school. In their second multiplier event, they hosted teachers from different schools, lecturers and interns from the university in Manisa (CBU), members of NGOs, nurses, policemen, representatives from local administrations, and people who were either involved or supported the project activities for the past 3,5 years. In total 126 people joined the multiplier events. 

The guests were offered lunch, during which they had a chance to look at printed booklets of IO1 and IO2. The participants were quite interested in the topic of adolescent loneliness; they asked questions during the Q&A session and some asked to take the booklets of IO1 and IO2 home with them. Additionally, the MSBL got several offers to collaborate in different Erasmus+ partnerships. The feedback received from the MSBL multiplier events confirms that the event sessions were effective in both introducing the project results and creating impact.

Teachers and headmasters reading the Fit to Belong outputs
Teachers and headmaster reading the Fit to Belong outputs


Presentation of the Fit to Belong Outcomes to Headmasters