Loneliness around the world: Age, gender, and cultural differences in loneliness

On 26 April 2020 Manuela Barreto from University of Exeter, Pamela Qualter from University of Manchester (the research partners in our project) and their colleagues published the article “Loneliness around the world: Age, gender, and cultural differences in loneliness” in Personality and Individual Differences. In this article they describe a number of issues that are at the heart of our project namely that younger people reported more loneliness than the middle-aged, men reported more loneliness than women and that age, gender, and culture interacted to predict loneliness. The article draws from the BBC Loneliness Experiment which provided a unique opportunity to examine differences in the experience of loneliness across cultures, age, and gender, and the interaction between these factors. 46,054 participants aged 16–99 years, living across 237 countries, islands, and territories, representing the full range of individualism-collectivism cultures participated in this study. Read the article here. 

two people comforting each other