Learning through a game

If you want to discuss an important topic with students in an unobtrusive but interesting way, to interest them in the content and not burden them, the best way is to learn through games. An escape game is a favorite student's activity and it is becoming increasingly popular at schools. Through these games students are actively involved in the learning process, they think, explore, connect and have fun while acquiring new knowledge.

Using these games and web tools, students can also learn during distance learning. This game was organized by the teachers of  Petar Leković Primary School in order to increase students' awareness of the reasons why loneliness occured and the ways in which it could be prevented.

The player is placed in the position of a student who is locked in the school and needs to find the code that unlocks the front door. To discover the code, a player must go through several classrooms. In these classrooms, he gets acquainted with the contents (videos about loneliness), answers questions related to the video, and solves tasks. The goal of the game is to successfully solve all the tasks and unlock the door and get out as soon as possible.

Try this interesting game and unlock the door.


desk with a laptop and a monitor