Fit2Belong App deployed on a large scale

The Fit2Belong app has been downloaded more than 500 times and is now deployed in Turkey in the Manisa Social Sciences High School, in Poland in the Technikum Informatyki Edukacji Innowacyjnej, in Serbia in the OS Petar Lekovic in Pozega, and finally in the Asociacija Tavo Europa in Lithuania. More than 500 participants in the trials have downloaded the app and are now using it within their school or oirganisation. The Fit2Belong app is a walled garden social media application for adolescents in schools, youth homes and organisations. This community app aims at encouraging communication, social life and especially feelings of belongingness amongst the group members. It is a safe space where adolescents with a common interest exchange experiences, plan activities together and record their stories. Because of its walled garden structure, all users feel safe and there is no danger of abuse from anonymous external users. The results of the app use are very encouraging: students and teachers feel comfortable in their exchanges and feel more part of a community. 

The app can be downloaded from the app stores for iOS and Android. However, in order to provide the safe environment, it is essential to make use of a managed service to facilitate the deployment inside any organisation. For more information about this service contact 

For an impression on how the App works, watch this short video: 


Screenshots of the Fit2Belong app