Damla from Turkey feels lucky to be part of the Fit2Belong project

Hi everyone! I'm Damla Nur from Manisa Social Sciences High School and I will write about how our project Fit2Belong affected me.

At the beginning of this project, I was in first grade in my high school and trying to be more social like everyone. I can't say I was introverted but it was still hard to make friends easily and after Miss Aktas introduced the Fit2Belong project and its aims I felt so happy about it. Because I learned that every youngster are not social, like me, and its normal to feel lonely but we can create an area to tackle loneliness. I felt so excited about it. While we were planning ice breaker games and activities, I wasn't feeling lonely anymore. It was much easier to make friends. Also, it helped me to be a more responsible person. Now I can plan activities by myself and I feel more confident.

It was an amazing opportunity for me, and it completely changed my personality in good way. Thanks to Fit2Belong project I have made lots of friends from different countries.

   Thank you for everything, love you alla heart

Damla Nur Balla

Damla in London and Exeter. She had the opportunity to see London following the LTTA in Exeter between 24-28 October 2022.