Alleviating loneliness in young people – a meta‐analysis of interventions

Loneliness can have a number of negative effects in the short and long term (poor physical or mental health, poor sleep) and there has been increased demand to introduce interventions that mitigate loneliness, or increase successful management of transitory loneliness, so that individuals are not propelled into chronic, prolonged loneliness. Given, too, that loneliness is a common experience for young people (BBC Loneliness Experiment in 2018), there is an increasing need to explore the efficacy of interventions to reduce loneliness among youth. To date, there are a number of reviews that explore the effects of interventions designed to reduce loneliness for adults, but there are no reviews that deal specifically with interventions for youth. This review by Alice M. Eccles and Pamela Qualter is the first to focus on whether interventions aimed at youth reduce loneliness. You can read the review here.

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