8 tips to enhance belonging in the classroom

Layla Murray has recently earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Goucher College, and received the 2022 Prize for Excellence in Psychology. She wrote an essay for an academic assignment in the seminar for Cognition, Teaching, and Learning, taught by Dr. Jennifer McCabe about the importance of creating a sense of belonging in the classroom in order to increase student engagement and academic performance.

In this article she reflects on her own experience and lists 8 tips for educators looking to enhance belonging in the classroom:

  1. Make Space
  2. Use Names
  3. Group Activities
  4. Have Accessible Office Hours
  5. Use Virtual Engagement Activities
  6. Create Rules
  7. Take Time In Class to Express Interest
  8. Sit in a Circle

Read the full article here: GUEST POST: What’s the Secret to Learning? It’s Belonging — The Learning Scientists

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